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FE Technology is an industry leader in the manufacturing of Membrane Keypad Products. These keypads provide a strong flat textured surface. We can provide custom shapes, custom graphics, various switch types and the interconnect required for the customer’s application. If you have a harsh environment try our metal keypad, great for security access point.

Switching Desktop

Membrane style

Membrane Keypads are custom designed to meet each customer’s unique requirements.  Our goal is to incorporate our customers’ special needs in a cost effective manner that will meet or exceed the design operating criteria.

Switching Wall Mount

Rubber and Silicone

We are your full service, fully qualified manufacturer for Custom Rubber Keypad requirements. Buttons can have tactical feel and if electrical connection is required the buttons can incorporate carbon pills.

Security Keypads

Metal Style

Metal keypads are designed for harsh environments. These keypads can be unsealed or sealed to meet IP67 requirements.



Overlays can be made from membrane style construction or metal stamping. Custom graphic designs can be accomplished with silkscreen process or metal etching.

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